Ultra Density 4U 72-Bays JBOD Enclosure

.Top-load 2.5"/3.5" hot-swap HDD trays x 72 support SAS/SATA transfer speed
Cross-position trays to limit vibrations caused by HDDs
Dual-path storage for high-availability systems 
Modular design, lower complexity, fast and easy maintenance
.Generating intensive airflow by using four 80 x 38mm PMW hot-swap fans 
.Web-based GUI provides the easiest way to manage JBOD system 
.CRPS 1200W/1600W 80 Plus® Platinum certified 
Compatible with 1200mm deep cabinets

4U Ultra Density JBOD Enclosure
Feel Free To Save Your Data

Beyond our IW-RJ460-08, the IW-RJ472-08 facilitates hyper density trays with 72 bays. Keeping all the benefits of IW-RJ460-08: The exclusive designed backplane possesses SAS 12Gbps dual-channels with modular arrangement. The IW-RJ472-08 can fully meet user’s ultra storage demands.
Supports multiple hard drives-2.5"/3.5" HDDs Maximum capacity of 72 hot-swap bays
Expander Path Redundancy
Dual path storage for high-availability systems
Modular Design
Lower complexity; fast and easy to maintain
Heat Dissipation
Rear cooling fans offer an energy efficient cooling solution
CRPS 1200W/1600W, 80 PLUS®
Platinum certified
Web-based graphical user interface (GUI), easiest way to manage JBOD system
Designed for 1200mm
deep cabinet


Mass Capacity


InWin’s all-new 08 serial tray design: Top-load, quick fold, 90° holder that’s flat and simple install 2.5"/3.5" HDDs.
With contracted, high density design, the IW-RJ472-08 can provide more efficient space management and allow maximum capacity up to 72 bays.
HDD faulty detection panel
Attentively designed with each individual LED representing a hard disk’s status report allowing users to identify and correct errors.
To limit vibrations caused by the HDDs, the drives and trays are strategically arranged by cross-position.

Fast, Stable, and Reliability

Bridge & Edge expanders create path-redundant topologies by using multi-ported devices, which is perfect for high-availability systems that mainly process massive data and also bring out superior performance. Extreme stability for data transmission by the IW-RJ472-08’s exclusive backplanes and is supported with ample room for cable management.
Cable Management

Integrated dual channel SAS and two-tier SAS/SATA expander topology, shortening the latency.

Suitable for high-availability systems. Should one path fail, another can fall over to a different path.

Applying two-tiered SAS/SATA expanders decreases the number of cables and provides more space for cable management.

Easily uplink to the servers or downlink to another JBOD through SAS 12Gbps, SATA 6Gbps dual expander controller modules.
1. Primary
2. Secondary
The Bridge expander controls and manages as the main component for IW-RJ472-08 JBOD. By adopting dual modules, both can be connected to the same sever, offering data redundancy capability.


Much of the IW-RJ472-08’s parts are fully modular as CRU(Customer Replaceable Unit). Follow the kiss (Keep it simple, straight) principle, the IW-RJ472-08 allows non-tech personnel to do the quick maintenance and conduct replacements easily.
The IW-RJ472-08’s tool-free trays, edge expanders and backplanes are easy to setup.
The IW-RJ472-08’s tool-free trays, edge expanders and backplanes are easy to setup.
The PSUs, fans, and expanders are all hot-swappable, so the system can keep operating when modules need to be replaced.
Tool-less support handles allow personnel to transport smoothly.

Heat Dissipation

The IW-RJ472-08 generates intensive airflow by using four 80 x 38mm PWM hot-swap fans. The air tunnel, room for the cable management, and effective airflow contributes to the successful heat dissipation of the enclosure.

Power Stabilization

Hot swappable, high wattage 1200W/1600W redundant PSUs provide stable power output.
inwin icon 80plus
inwin rj460-08 psu


InWin utilizes an in-house developed GUI management board. A simplified display allows personnel to monitor the system, hard disk drives, and network. InWin also provides a customized GUI to users who need to customize their interface, which is an optional feature.


Note: The product not include the cabinet.
inwin rj460-08 application
Industry Standard EIA-RS310D
Drive Bay Internal 2.5"/3.5" hot-swap trays x 72 (SAS 12Gbps, SATA 6Gbps)
Power Supply Supports:
• Form factor: 80 Plus Platinum CRPS
• Watt: 1200W/1600W
Indicator Status LED, drive status LEDs for bay 1-72
Front Control Panel Power on/off, chassis ID
Cooling Fan 80 x 38mm PWM hot-swap fans x 4, 12000 RPM
12Gbps Expander Module Edge: 6 x LSI 35x36R expander support
Bridge: 2 x LSI 35x48 expander support
Management Smart fan, thermal monitor, HDD monitor, voltage monitor, alarm warming
Host/Expansion Port 5 x Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8644) for each 12Gbps expander module
SES Supports SES-2 (SCSI enclosure service)
Maintenance Supports management by Ethernet and RS-232
HDD Power Management HDD sequential power on
Temperature 0ºC to 35ºC
Material • Material: SGCC
• Thickness: 1.2mm
Rail Kit 28" tool-less & ball-bearing slide rail included
Product Dimensions (DxWxH; Chassis Only) 985.75 x 447.5 x 177.1mm
(38.81" x 17.62" x 6.98")
Package Dimensions (DxWxH) 1270 x 645 x 680mm
Weight • Net weight: 51.48kg
• Gross weight: 63.81kg
Cubic Feet 19.67
Container Information Single packing with pallets:
• 20': 24pcs
• 40': 52pcs

12Gbps Backplane Specifications

Backplane Type-1&2&3 SAMTAC Backplane
Dimension (W x H) 425mm x 220.94mm
Backplane Type Active with expander onboard
Host Interface SAMTAC 2 x 100P connector
HDD Interface SAS/SATA x 24
* The actual product is subject to change without prior notice. In Win Development Inc. reserves the right to make any final modifications.
* The above image is for reference only. All hardware components and optional parts are not included.

Item Download Preview
IW-RJ472-08 Gallery -
IW-RJ472-08 eDM
IW-RJ472-08 User Manual
IW-RJ472-08 Backplane User Manual
Item Part Number Description Support Picture
Slide Rail 2RALZT412400 CMA (Cable Management Arm) Max. 1
Power Supply 3RAMAP026501 80 Plus Platinum CRPS 1200W (AC input 100-127V, total power 800W max. / AC input 200-240V, total power 1200W max.) Max. 2
Power Supply 3RAMAP044300 80 Plus Platinum CRPS 1600W (AC input 100-127V, total power 1000W max. / AC input 200-240V, total power 1600W max.) Max. 2

Product Video

InWin 08 Series 4U JBOD Enclosure|IW-RJ472-08

InWin 08 Series 4U JBOD Enclosure|IW-RJ472-08


InWin 08 Series JBOD Tary Installation

InWin 08 Series JBOD Tary Installation

InWin 08 Series JBOD Expander Fan PSU Installation

InWin 08 Series JBOD Expander Fan PSU Installation