Air/Liquid Cooling GPU Workstation

.Supports up to five 120mm fans to create excellent thermal performance 
.Compatible with 240mm (max. 2 sets) or 360mm liquid cooling radiators 
.Contains 7 PCIe slots to accommodate high-end GPUs
.Screwless adjustable card holder for full-length GPUs
.Nine storage drive bays, comprising 2.5"/3.5" trays x 5 and the option for 2.5" drives x 4
.Capable of installing standard ATX PSU or high-efficiency 80 Plus Platinum CRPS 


With Air or Water
Air/Liquid Cooling Pedestal Server Chassis

The IW-PL070 offers air or liquid cooling options for your home/office server. Arrange your preferred cooling layout to effectively match GPU/CPU requirements. The IW-PL070’s thermal solutions tactically covers the generous storage area to support up to nine total drives.

Optimized Cooling Solution

The IW-PL070 provides optimized air cooling solutions, and supports liquid cooling. Users have more options to arrange their cooling system according to system requirements.

Cool With Air

For users that prefer air cooling, the IW-PL070 supports:
Front 120mm fan x 2 (One pre-installed) ,
Middle 120mm fan x 2 (One pre-installed),
Rear 120mm fan (One pre-installed), or 80mm fan x 2
Max. up to 5 or 6 fans which is great for heat dispassion.
Enhanced Thermal Solutions
Max.up to 5 or 6 fans

Cool With Water

For users that prefer water cooling, the IW-PL070 supports: Top 240mm, middle 240mm or 360mm radiator. Accelerated cooling to the CPU or GPU, and users can experience a more silent setup.
Note: The middle section can only accommodate one 240mm radiator or 360mm radiator at a time. If a 360mm radiator is installed on the middle, the top 240mm radiator cannot be installed.

Extensive Hardware Support

The IW-PL070 supports up to an EEB motherboard,
and most high-end GPUs. The screwless adjustable holder safely secures the GPU.
Only GPUs with a maximum length of 350mm can be installed when placing a radiator in the middle mounting area. GPUs up to 365mm can be installed when using up to two 120mm case fans.

Drive Areas

A maximum of 9 drives can be hosted with the IW-PL070.
The two-sectioned storage areas adheres to organizational orientation to easily identify the intended drive function.

Top section can accommodate up to four 2.5" drives intended for operational/software programming.

Bottom section can hold up to five 2.5"/3.5" drives aimed for data/storage purposes.

Your Power!

The IW-PL070 can house either standard ATX or CRPS PSUs.
Power up your server to better suit your preferred system.

Power Supply Cable Information

Single PSU Cable Information

20+4 Pin Motherboard

8 (4+4) Pin CPU

8 (6+2) Pin PCI-E

4 Pin Peripheral

SATA (90 Degree)

CRPS PSU Cable Information

24-Pin Main Motherboard

8 Pin CPU

8 Pin CPU

4+4 pin CPU

PCIe 6+2 pin
x2 GPU

PCIe 6+2 pin
x2 GPU

PCIe 6+2 pin
x2 GPU

PCIe 6+2 pin
x2 GPU

molex 4pin
x2 expansion

molex 4pin
x2 expansion

SATA 15 pin
x3 internal HDD



Let’s Get to Work!

The IW-PL070 is a sensible workstation that can offer a range of tasks and applications to suit your needs. The cooling options, drive configuration and expandability makes for a great home/office server.

Suitable for architects to operate CAD and BIM software.

Applicable to media and entertainment editing projects.

Features for entry level AI learning/e-learning.

M/B Form Factor ATX(12" x 9.6"), CEB(12" x 10.5"), EEB(12" x 13")
Drive Bay Internal:
• 2.5"/3.5" trays x 5
• optional 2.5" drives x 4 (1 x 9mm, 3 x 15mm)
Power Supply Supports:
• 1250W PS2 single PSU, 80 Plus Gold, length up to 250mm (including cable management area)
• 1600W 2U 1+1 CRPS, 80 Plus Platinum
Indicator Power status, HDD, LANs, system fail activity LEDs
Front Control Panel Power switch, system reset, USB 3.0 x 2
Chassis Security • Supports padlock loop and Kensington lock slot
• Intrusion switch (optional)
Cooling Fan • Front: 120 x 25mm PWM fan x 2 (one pre-installed)
• Middle: 120 x 25mm PWM fan x 2 (one pre-installed)
• Rear: 120 x 25mm PWM fan x 1 (pre-installed) or 80 x 38mm PWM fan x 2 (optional)
Water Cooling Radiator • Supports top 240mm, middle 240mm or 360mm AIO liquid coolers (optional)
• Built-in 240mm top radiator bracket x 1
Expansion Slot Full-height PCIe slots x 7
Material • Material: SECC
• Thickness: 0.8~1.0mm
Maximum Capacity • GPU length:
Middle radiator installed: 350mm
Middle fans installed: 365mm
• CPU heatsink height: 145mm
• PS2 power length: 250mm (including cable management area)
Product Dimensions (DxWxH; Chassis Only) 560.2 x 200 x 430.1mm
(22.1" x 7.9" x 16.9")
Package Dimensions (DxWxH) 720 x 592 x 340mm
Weight (Chassis Only) • Net weight: 11.72kg
• Gross weight: 14.80kg
Cubic Feet 5.12
Container Information Single packing with pallets:
• 20': 110pcs
• 40': 240pcs
• 40' HQ: 288pcs
* The actual product is subject to change without prior notice. In Win Development Inc. reserves the right to make any final modifications.
* The above image is for reference only. All hardware components and optional parts are not included.
Item Download Preview
IW-PL070 eDM
IW-PL070 Compatibility List
IW-PL070 Gallery -
IW-PL070 User Manual
Item Part Number Description Support Picture
Power Supply 3RAMAP034400 80 Plus Gold PS2 1250W 1
Power Supply 3RAMAP044300 80 Plus Platinum CRPS 1600W (AC input 100-127V, total power 1000W max. / AC input 200-240V, total power 1600W max.) Max.2
Power Supply 2RALXX612200/ 3RAMAP045400 CRPS PDB cage kit 1 set
Cable 3RAMW7105400  Molex 4 pin to SATA x2 Max.3
Fan 2RATPH001701 120mm fan holder 2
Fan 3RAMFC001300 120 x 25mm PWM fan, 2500RPM 5
Fan 3RAMFB007400 80 x 38mm PWM fan, 5500RPM 2
Water Cooling Radiator 2RAKBA001401 IW-BR24 240mm AIO liquid cooler 2
Water Cooling Radiator 2RAKBA001501 IW-BR36 360mm AIO liquid cooler 1
Water Cooling Radiator 2RALXX595500 240mm middle radiator bracket kit 1
Water Cooling Radiator 2RALXX595300 360mm middle radiator bracket kit 1
Others 2RAKIS013601 Single easy-swap SATA port module for 2.5"/3.5" HDDs 5
Others 2RAKIS004400 Dual easy-swap SATA port module for 2.5"/3.5" HDDs 2
Others 2RALXX607001 2.5" HDDs cage kit (top: 9mm x 1, remaining: 15 mm x 3) 1
Others 3RAMRW020400 Intrusion switch (length: 700mm) 1

Product Video

InWin Air/Liquid Cooling Pedestal Server Chassis |IW-PL070

InWin Air/Liquid Cooling Pedestal Server Chassis |IW-PL070


InWin IW-PL070 Fan Installation

InWin IW-PL070 Fan Installation

InWin IW-PL070 Liquid CPU Cooler Installation

InWin IW-PL070 Liquid CPU Cooler Installation

InWin IW-PL070 HDD Tray, MB & Expansion Card, Power Supply Installation

InWin IW-PL070 HDD Tray, MB & Expansion Card, Power Supply Installation