System Assembly Service

InWin provides system assembly service for customers to ship barebone systems. With an L11-ready assembly line, InWin is capable of providing this service, including: material inbound inspection, quality control, functionality test, burn-in test, aging test and repair inspection. In addition, InWin provides service of certification applications to help customer shorten the product development time.


L11 System Assembly Factory

InWin has constructed a total of 4 server system production lines: Level 11 system assembly, complete production with just-in-time (JIT) system, automation system, and labor-saving system.
InWin records the progress from purchase to shipment and utilizes barcode management. This allows InWin to completely show the production progress by integrating information from each field section, gather production information and combine it to the ERP production report.


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Three factories are set up to customize the requested production volume.
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